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and management of containers of all kinds.

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bulkvision guarantees the highest level of food safety for industry and consumers in the supply chain.

Using bulkvision you can check, before loading, whether the food transport container was - in accordance with the applicable standard DIN 10 502-1/2 - initially or recurrently checked by an approved container test center and whether it is suitable for unrestricted food transport.

Further advantages of bulkvision:
container data - specification • DIN-test results / inspection sheet • precursors and allergens • cleaning and disinfection - cleaning certificates • Full traceability

Legal basis of the European Union:

  • Food safety (EG) 178-2002
  • Food hygiene regulations (EU) 852/853-2004
  • Initial and periodic inspection of food transport containers according to DIN 10 502-1/2
  • Qualifying Examination of food transport containers according to DIN 10 502-1
  • Food Information Regulation (EU) LMIV 1169-2011
  • Feed Hygiene Regulation (EU) 183-2005
  • German LFGB – Lebensmittel- und Futtermittel-Gesetzbuch 2014

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This is how multifunctional our labels are


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Scan the barcode with a barcode scanner or with our bulkvision App


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You can also conveniently scan the QR code with our app.


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RFID: If your smartphone has an RFID reader, you can also use this to readout the label.

bulkvision is a member of ENFIT - International Tank-Cleaning-Association