At any time and error-free

Intelligent Fleet-Management

With the global GID-Lablewe make our transport units more intelligent.

Tailor-made information simplify the processes. This brings us faster back on the road and reduced our logistic costs.

Marike T., Supply-Chain-Manager

Efficient and sustainable logistics

  • Digital orderplacementand processing
  • Estimated arrival time at loading and unloading point
  • Digital registrationforcleaningortechnicalinspection, DIN-testing, pressuretesting, HALAL and/orKOSHER certification
  • Identification: previousload, allergen, GMO orhazardousmaterial
  • Identifikation: Vorladung, Allergen, GMO oder Gefahrstoffe
  • Digital documenttransfer(loadingdocuments, cleaningdocuments)