bulkvision System

Software for complete backtracking of groceries, feedstuff and allergens in transport containers.

Fee for Cost per location
monthly usage 97,50 € / month
onetime installation 250 €
onetime installation as a transport container test centre
(subject to attested registration according to ENFIT-Standard)
250 €
iOS APP Free

bulkvision Label

Prices on application and dependent on features (RFID-transponder, barcode und QR-code) and volume.
In case of large orders prices will drop.

bulkvision Labels are adhesive stickers which can be used on i.e. tank trucks, silos, tank containers, cooling trucks or truck tractor trains. They are particularly robust, scratch resistant, lightfast, UV-fast and come in different versions and sizes. It is possible to personalise them on request, i.e. with an additional address or a logo.


bulkvision aufkleber barcode


bulkvision aufkleber qr


bulkvision aufkleber rfid

Payment and shipping conditions

For using the system, invoices are sent out beginning of each quarter. In case of starting to use the system i.e. mid-quarter, the first quarter will be billed proportionally to the time the system has been in place. Terms of notice are 3 months, terminable in written form to the end of the month. Invoices for labels will be send out as order is placed. Payment is due without deduction 14 days after billing date.

All prices are nonobligatory, plus VAT at the statutory rate.