The bulkvision app

iPad and iPhone

The bulkvision app gives you access to all of the functions you need to manage your containers. Using bulkvision you can check, before loading, whether the food transport container was - in accordance with the applicable standard DIN 10 502-1/2 - initially or recurrently checked by an approved container test center and if it is suitable for unrestricted food transport.

bulkvision guarantees the highest level of food safety in the supply chain for industry and consumers and assures compliance with all food compliance rules.

Further advantages of bulkvision:

  • Container data - specification - dimensions - features - material - owners , etc.
  • DIN - test according to DIN 10 502 - 1/2 and ensuring food suitability (test report)
  • Loading and unloading (product tracking)
  • Information about the precursors (allergen management, risk minimization)
  • Labeling of allergens (main groups and subgroups)
  • Cleaning and disinfection - date, time, cleaning certificate (allergen-free cleaning Yes / No . Applied cleaning and disinfection procedures, etc.)
  • Full traceability of food throughout the supply chain
  • System templates for standard processes (input and output check, loading and unloading, etc.)
  • Free templates for individual processes
  • Site management
  • Repair and maintenance (reports, damage documentation)
  • Manufacturer catalog with container types and technical specifications
  • Parts catalog for the different types of containers/manufacturers
  • Complete data security is ensured at the highest level

You are interested in expert advice and/or want to integrate bulkvision into your supply chain? Contact us on +49 (0) 40 - 411 88 39 28 or send us an email to ue.noisivklub@troppus.

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