Working with bulkvision

The bulkvision workspace

After logging in, you arrive on the menu window workspace. The work areas include "scan containers", "manage containers", "create containers", "my account", "container templates", "action templates", "manufacturers register" and "contact and support". These are the selectable workspaces within which the individual operations may be performed.


A bulkvision container profile

After scanning the bulkvision label the container profile automatically appears. You can see all of the details of the container, such as owner, label no., images of the container, certification for the container inspection according to DIN 10 502 - 1/2 (upon successful verification the certification mark is green, indicating the next test date. Untested containers are represented by a red certification mark. Containers, the inspection date of which has been exceeded, are also indicated with a red certification mark, the note Inspection expired and the date).

In the history the overview of the individual process steps can be seen. By tapping on the entry you can see the details such as purification protocols, loading and unloading (product, allergens), DIN-test report, etc.


Image overview

This is where all images of the container including spare parts and accessories or drawings can be displayed. Further pictures can be directly recorded with your own device's camera and saved. You can also document damages or repairs.



All process steps are clearly displayed in the history, such as label added or removed, edited or deleted, container loading and unloading, entry and exit check, DIN-examination, cleaning, disinfection, etc. Date and time are included for each entry.