bulkvision – Logistics of the future

With bulkvision we increase transparency and safety in all supply chains to an unprecedented level.

Digitalisation4.0 brings networking, decentralization, real-time capability and service orientation. New technologies and processes optimize the logistic requirements according to product, quality, time, place, quantity and costs as well as flexibility and transparency of information. This opens up new possibilities to control the material and information flows between companies and their environment and more efficient.

With the Blockchain-Cloud technology bulkvision creates unique advantage, because users involved in the supply chain can access data about share and exchange the common and neutral platform Thereby every participant gets access to exactly the data he needs for his processes.

bulkvision marks all transport units with a worldwide unique Global Identifi-cation Number (GID), which plays a decisive role in to optimize logistical processes to a large extent. Processes are more effective and safer, and the logistics experts save costs and resources.

bulkvision – nominated for the Innovator of the Year 2020

bulkvision was nominated by Die Deutsche Wirtschaft for the Innovator of the Year 2020 for its innovative Blockchain-Cloud Solution. We are very happy about the nomination.

It can be immediately voted for the audience award until 25th October. We would be grateful for your vote.